How to recover Gmail account?

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One of the most common questions people ask about Buy old Gmail Accounts, “How to recover Gmail account?”. People tend to forget their Gmail password as they do not log in to their Gmail accounts frequently. So, this is for you, who tend to forget their Gmail passwords. If you forget the password of your Gmail, type your Gmail in the box of the username or Gmail then tap onto “Forgot password”. If your mobile phone number is given into your Gmail, you will get a code on that number. Type the code and set the new password. Congratulations! Your Gmail is recovered and ready to use. If your Gmail has opened with another number which you have forgotten, you can come to us as we are providing the service, where you can recover the Gmail account within a very reasonable price.

How to recover Gmail account password?

Well, if you forget your Gmail password, you cannot recover it or set the same password again. The least you can do is, follow the process that has been explained in the section on how to recover the Gmail account and set a new password as you cannot use the old one. On the same process of how to recover the Gmail account, you’ll get to reset a new password and will be able to recover the Gmail account password. Or you can come to use if you have forgotten the number, which you have used to open your Gmail account, we can help you out to recover your account.

How to secure Gmail accounts from hacking with mobile number?

We all are very much familiar with the word hacking and also freak out of getting hacked our accounts. Well, here we are talking about how you will be able to secure your Gmail account from hacking with your mobile number. You can secure your Gmail account by going “Accounts” and then by clicking the “Security check” option. Make sure you are using the correct mobile number or other Gmail to get notified if someone is trying to login to your account. There is an option comes when you will click on the “Security check” option named “your devices”. From here you can also remove the unrecognized devices and then change your Gmail password to secure your Gmail account


From where can I buy bulk verified Gmail accounts?

Ans: You can get 100% authentic Gmail accounts from us. The Gmail accounts that we sell are created and tested manually. So there’s no chance of them getting disabled.  We are the best when it comes to providing bulk Google accounts. Buy bulk Google accounts from us today!

Will I get instant delivery after I buy gmail accounts?

Ans: Yes, we provide the Gmail accounts instantly after payment. The Gmail account handovers may take a max of 24 hours. We promise to deliver 100% authentic Gmail accounts to you for your business. Also, we have a 5-day money-back guarantee if the Gmail accounts get disabled or you face any issues.

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